About Us


IT’S ABOUT YOU tapping into your inner-BADASS and injecting it into everything that you do.

IT’S ABOUT YOU becoming the best version of yourself and achieving whatever you set your mind to.

IT’S ABOUT YOU living the BADASS Lifestyle where doing the right thing and making a difference comes naturally.

IT’S ABOUT YOU inspiring a BADASS mindset in others through your positive actions and the legacy you leave behind.

Today’s BADASS is an entirely new breed because the term BADASS has taken on an entirely new meaning where “bad” means “good.”

BADASS BRANDZ™ is a platform to showcase the BADASS you are, the things you do best, and the causes you embrace to make a difference.

Celebrities, athletes and those in the public eye are often referred to as “BADASS” for their unique talents and popularity. We believe there is more to it than just that. Almost anyone, from any walk of life, from any corner of the globe, can be a BADASS, including you, so JUST BE ONE®.

Our Mission is Simple:

Make the world better today than it was yesterday™.

Our mission is to initiate more "made members" into our BADASS® Family and connect them with more causes to make more of a difference. With a focus-on-today mentality, the hope is that we all make every today count to the fullest!

By setting an achievable goal each day, the opportunity to reflect on your efforts and feel a sense of accomplishment becomes a rewarding daily routine. The overall success of our BADASS movement relies on our collective efforts to maximize awareness within our social networks, social media and the mainstream media.

If you've made it this far, Congratulations, you've officially been "made!" So start recruiting others to "get made" so we have more people livin' the BADASS Lifestyle and making a difference in a world that could really use us right now.