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To all the BADASS UKRAINIANS, who have shown the heart, loyalty and fight of a lion in their battle for freedom, this is for you! To the rest of the free world, as you enjoy your daily freedoms, you too are Ukrainian at this moment. We must all be in this together in order to rebuild Ukraine better than its former glory.  

The time is now for some quick soul searching, to find whatever glimmer of BADASS lies within you to fight for freedoms that have been too easily compromised or taken away. It's a wake up call with regret minimization being the order of the day, so that years from now, we may look back upon this moment and be proud of the BADASS actions we took to "TAKE DOWN TYRANNY" and "LET FREEDOM RING!"

The Philadelphia Inquirer has some great suggestions on how we can all help the Ukrainian relief effort now. Time is of the essence to be BADA$$! So please join us by making a donation to any of the 27 charitable organizations listed in the link below.


T-Shirt - Next Level

  • 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey
  • 4.3 oz.